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                This week at J-180, Nick followed up on what’s impossible for God by informing us (in an ever so elegant and graceful way) that it is, among other things we’ve discussed lately, impossible for God not to care about you. I think this is something most, if not every, Christian is familiar with and understands, but often times I feel like it slips our minds.

                Satan is huge on making you feel otherwise. He can make you feel completely worthless and that there could be no way that someone as great as God could care about someone so insignificant and horrible as you and that nothing you could do would ever change the fact that you just aren’t worthy of His love and attention. Nick told us differently this week (and he told us in such a skillful manner) and, you know, so does God, considering He was his source material and all. But, you already heard what he said. So I’m not just going to repeat on his words.

                To expand on his Nick’s (awesome) message further, I’d like to make some points of my own. First of all, you’re not worthless… like Nick said. God loves you, and he cares about you too. If God does indeed love you as the Bible states hundreds of times over, then why would he build you to be something meaningless and without purpose? God would not make something he would not care about, plain and simple. He cares for his creations just as an artist cares for his every painting. It would have been a waste of time to create you if he wound up not caring about you, or to give you no purpose.  Maybe you’re thinking to yourself “Well, I must be a waste of time then!” but, wait, is God not all-knowing? Did he not know the outcome of your entire life since the beginning of time itself? Did he not have you specifically in mind when he gave his Sons’ life?

                The answer is yes. Just in case you didn’t know.

                So, if God knew how your life would turn out before he even made you, do you think that if he was disappointed in what would happen to his creation (that’s you) that he would have gone through with creating it? If you were about to spend time and effort into making something using the talents you have and you knew what you were about to create was going to be a failure would you make it anyway? I sure wouldn’t. Likewise, I see no reason as to why God would either. He would really have no reason to create you if you did not have a purpose, and therefore, you being alive today is proof that a. God cares about you and b. you’re not worthless and you’re here for a reason.

                Perhaps you or someone else you know may know this but still find yourself thinking “Well, he has a reason for me, but it’s not big. Why can’t I be someone famous or do something important? I’m not going to do anything to impact thousands of people like other folks do,” and while this may be true that you’re not going to necessarily do something huge and reach hundreds, thousands, or millions of people during your time on Earth, your plan is huge. God uses everyone to touch other peoples’ lives and bring them to Him. You may not even be aware of it. Someone you may think you had no impact on at all in any way whatsoever may have had their first visit to church because of you and you would never know. Through my own experiences and observations I seem to notice that God uses some very complex chain of event scenarios to make big things happen.

                I’m going to just make up a scenario for you in example. Let’s say some random angry man with a passion for road rage is driving down the road and, for one reason or another, flicks another guy off, cusses him out with his window rolled down, then drives off. What if the victim (who was not a Christian) of his road rage thought “Hey, that guy was a jerk. He needs to learn to control his anger. Then again, I do too. I hate that I take my anger out on my kids. They really don’t deserve it. I remember my friend Kyle used to have such bad anger management problems… but then those problems faded away. He said it was because of that whole church thing or whatever. I wonder if there’s any truth to that. Did some religion really clear out his mind like that? Maybe that’s what I need. Maybe I need religion. Maybe I should go to church this Sunday with the family.”

                Then, he went to church that Sunday with his family. And let’s just say that at this church service, he found something more than just a religion. He actually connected with God and found what was missing in his life. God used a man who couldn’t control his middle finger in a way that brought one more person to salvation. Stuff like this happens every day, using seemingly unimportant events and odd occurrences to transform and renew a life.

                You may not become famous or bring people to God in mass numbers the way Billy Graham does, but I believe everyone brings, at the very minimum, one person to Heaven versus an eternity in Hell. If you’re saving just one person from death, isn’t that enough for you? Are you really so egocentric that you can not remain satisfied with being used to take one persons out of Satan’s grip?


                God cares for each and every person on this world as if they were his own children. Oh wait – they are. He cares for all of us more than we could ever care for anyone. Nick mentioned an observance (with a charisma I’ve never seen before in my life) he’d made on peoples prayer patterns in that we plea to God our case to him and let him know how much we care about someone hoping he will answer our prayer once he realizes how much it means to us. I agree with Mr. Fischer’s opinions on this in that we don’t need to let God know how much we care about someone in order for our request to be taken more seriously. Like I said before, God is all-knowing and is perfectly aware of just how much we care about this person. But, even more importantly than that, he cares about this person more than we do anyway, so what good is our explanation if his concern is of greater magnitude?

                God does not let things happen because he does not care or does think we care. Everything happens for a reason. Everything is part of God’s plan. Our sympathy and compassion is irrelevant when we talk to God. At least, it is in the context of asking him to help someone or yourself with a given situation. While we should care about everyone around us and love them unconditionally, I don’t believe you need to tell God to what extent your feelings are for someone. Especially since he already knows. He will carry out his plan and we need to trust that his plan is beyond what we can understand and exceeds any expectations we have.

                I guess that’s all I have for my first blog. Hope you enjoyed reading it. See you next Wednesday.


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  1. SWEET! Thanks for posting and creating a venue for folks to use their minds to react, interact and process the teaching from Wednesday!

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